Kangaroo Guilt, also known as (aka) the Marsupial Version Of The Killer Whale Guilt, also known as (aka) Kangaroo Guilt

I woke up this morning and
I was++++++!
A bird was popping and
Hopping on my roof and
She whispered tweet and
Tweet and
They don’t love you and

Started to sing and
I started to sing and
Jumped out of bed and
I was naked and
My skin felt like oranges and
I bought a kangaroo and
Had him popping and
Hopping around and
Telling me to believe and
It is time for the second third and
First American Revolutions and
He wrote my manifesto underground and
Rode on the railroad and
He loved me and
The glass was half full and
The shadow of the glass had rainbows and
Prizes and
Tweet and
He would nuzzle me and
Nuzzle me and
Nuzzle me in his small brown pouch and
We saw the future and
Maybe then

But only then and
Where did the glass go and
Why is it that and
Only people that have and
Seen hell and
Can still hop and
Hope and
My skin felt like plastic and
I miss you and
I miss you and
My glass is broken and
I can’t hop and
Where did you and
The bird and
The revolution and
The popping and
The tweeting and
The rainbows and
The faith and
The prizes and
The oranges and
The roof go
Nuzzle me and
Nuzzle me and
Nuzzle me and

++++++Natasha von Kaenel



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