I reach into a moment, through its
silver sheen, flexing around my arm
grasping against the laws, letting me
look like

+++++++++chilled mercury
the night convolving above us
as we walk through the parking lot
aligning the rifts in the asphalt
with the rifts in the sky

some cosmic river
that people once searched for
climbing over grooves in far-gone deserts
coming to fertile land dropping
to their knees worshiping
like waves planting

seeds with their kisses
that grew into plants
that grew seeds that the wind
spat into further lands
& again into further lands
seeds rising and falling the orbit

a needle sewing life spitting
growth through time into
now holding your hand
I turn in the lot
catch a seed
& swallow it

lean back
my mouth let it
shoot from my stomach
tell you to climb no
matter what to climb

towards the gorge in the sky
mend the crack
in our marble’s center
vortex of color
our leaking light

++++++Chelsea Weller



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