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emily brock poetry submission.3

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++++++Emily Brock




The seed of the dream is rooted in fear of the patriarch, manifested by the

Father. The patient recounts the Father as threatening to torture, but never

tangibly harming the dreamer. The death of the brother seems random, absurd.

Most transparent is the dreamer’s thematic inclination towards escape,

symbolized by a number of strange landscapes. Their surfaces appear

malleable: a dream world seemingly infinite

++++++Vanessa Saunders


Candle Beacon

A month past Christmas, we see a flame at the airport,
a beacon distorted by fog and dawn’s steam.
It seems to flare, then hover,
in this misleading sky that no longer tells time.
If it burns downward, is the day passing.
We drive closer, still on the mainland, trapped by gravity,
hoping for a balloon that runs on hot air
to lift us from this gloom.
If there were more beacons,
the island could be a candleholder,
its rough contours a floating menorah.
The ice floes in the channel melt,
vapour rises,
the smoke from an extinguished candle.

++++++Lucile Barker



rhetoric like pink medicine
+++++++oozes weak greetings
she chose this+++++++blacktop and name tag
+++++++ball point pen+++++++vision
he pulls his glasses off, on: “are you at ease yet?”
she pulls at his tie, his shirt+++++++++++++++silence
+++++++the podium grows++++++++++++++light flickering
clap++++slap back his hands later+++++!++one martini
+++++++“it’s just good business”+++++++!!!++right.

++++++Justin A. Picard

For The Church Of The Loving System ; Your Receipt, Our Slogan (double-happiness):     

Popeye the Sailor, Man pray for us sinners:
Double your pleasure; double the fun,—
With double-
Mint double-
Mint double-
Mint gum.
Just do it;
Do the Dew. . .

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