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Inside the Belly

The seaman James Bartley screams as he slides down a sperm whale’s throat in 1891. He was in the stomach for fifteen hours, unconscious in the stench of digesting fish. He survived after his shipmates sliced the belly open and pulled his twitching body into bed, where he stayed for almost a month. (If this happened today he would take seventy selfies and post them online.) According to the tales, he lost his sight and his skin whitened. He wasn’t holding any blade.
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lamb meets wolf man

sergei pankejeff’s tree of white wolves
veil of blankness the analyst’s notepad
on day one narrative of infancy
a row of walnut trees in the window

sheepdogish wolves with big fox tails
ears pricked up like dogs sensing terror
he calls the nurse’s name who censors
the story freud records for his posterity
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