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a beaver wrote me

a song once
when our bellies were full
& the moon was full
              coyotes howling
              at the bone eye
her fingers
              plucked          the grass
              tail                     slapped the water

she sang about last thursday
hiding her mouth underwater
              to keep herself quiet
              when trappers trapped
              her momma
sheared her momma’s fur off
& left her naked
              floatin round somewhere

now this beaver’s
pluckin grass like a guitar
& i’m the only human
who hears her song
the others just don’t listen:
bievers r jus aenimels
              they say
tht wil nvr chanj
                         –Christine Lyons



Squirt (song version)


Fucktown (a band) digitally remasters Joseph Bradshaw’s poem, “Squirt”,  as a song. For now this is all you get, but keep an eye out for Joseph Bradshaw in Killer Whale Journal Vol. 3.

Enjoy.  And remember to send us your poems at killerwhalejournal@gmail.com for Vol. 3.


Blood thrummed in your head. You
were eighteen and elegiac, you knew the
hidden names of the ages and your
knowledge curled in on itself,
a nautilus. You busted open your lip
on fists full of silver dollars while you
waited for the train. Boston faded deep
in the distance & you prayed hard in
the dark, terrific filth. You unfolded.
Brine of your oyster-shucked heart.
Honey ran through your teeth.

++++++Zachary Evans

bullfighter-gored-by orca