Ponderation of a Palindrome

It’s all I want. It’s all I want.
Repeating because
++++++a) I want it and
++++++b) We are creatures of habit
Usually get fucking board until a new habit forms
I used to form poison from nothing particularly formidable
Forum for the lack of getting: it
Make witch potions and wait for my sister, 9 years older and more in the know,
To pour the potion out and return the empty bowl
To the table where it rested or stood or chilled or wasn’t
Because it doesn’t think and therefore it isn’t
A trick I was wise to but still played along with – never needed to believe
Just tended to write letters to god like: ‘Dear God, I don’t believe in you’
But what was was, was was – as tourists say
And the only sentence with five consecutive ‘ands’ involves paint
Because when you make the sign ‘Fish and Chips’
You need to be careful that you have measured evenly
The spacing between the painting of the words ‘Fish’ and ‘and’ and ‘and’ and
AND you’ve never felt English because you’re the daughter of immigrants
But you can paint, that’s for sure
Paint – a decent case for him to leave his girlfriend of 4 years
And all he’s ever known
For four fore foray / forbid / forbade / forbear / foreshadow / formalize
Or more simply, for you.
Paint – a rainbow with those seven shitty colors that you see every shitty day
And smell and spend and use
How do you think it felt to grow up a palindrome?
I’d say a bit more specific than growing up an anagram
I devote and he vetoed oceanic cocaine
Every Sunday night and sometimes Tuesdays too
We’d play Boggles. Can you imagine?
Dinner table discussions
About guacamole + an f
Camouflage within the text
Having no middle name? Because unless it was POP
It would fuck up the effect
And when they ask for a middle name
You have to leave the line blank

A living pattern
With the opposite effect
I’m happy really, male or Persian or Irish
Either way
Keeping my maiden name, naturally
I affected my accent – the least I could do
3 letters to my name
‘Wait, that’s RAD’
++++++Never odd or even
++++++No lemons no melon
++++++If I had a hi-fi
++++++Do geese see god?
++++++A Toyota’s a Toyota
++++++Rise to vote sir
++++++I saw I was DNA AND ++++++saw I was I
++++++Senile felines
++++++Evil olive
++++++UFO tofu
And I know I’m not alone. Mum, dad, sis.

++++++Dara Arad



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