For The Church Of The Loving System ; Your Receipt, Our Slogan (double-happiness):     

Popeye the Sailor, Man pray for us sinners:
Double your pleasure; double the fun,—
With double-
Mint double-
Mint double-
Mint gum.
Just do it;
Do the Dew. . .

Don’t you just love being in control?
Splash it all over.
Spend wisely – save wisely.

Where there’s life there’s Bud.
Wouldn’t you rather have a Buick?
Your world. Delivered.
See what we mean.
Make Believe.

Have it your way;
We do it your way.
Milk from contented cows.
Making the most of now.
For the men in charge of change.

Connecting people.
Open happiness.
It’s style.
Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.
Altogether More Fun.
Play Happy Families.
Head for the mountains.

The first time is never the best.
Soup is good food.
Drink Canada Dry.
Ready aye ready.

Now they whisper to her … not about her.
Liquid engineering.
Blow some my way.
Food with integrity.

The bright lights taste.
Welcome To The Human Network.
The antidote for civilization.
Stronger than dirt.
Has it changed your life yet?
The pause that refreshes.

Full of Suprises.
Take Courage.
It’s what your right arm’s for.
Babies love it.
Craven ‘A’ – It’s kind to your throat.

Easy as Dell.
People who like people like Dial.
Good for life!
When there’s no tomorrow.

Sixpence worth of Heaven.
And all because ladies love Milk Tray.
Always Good All Ways.
Roses grow on you.
Shave yourself.
Put a tiger in your tank.
Full of Eastern Promise.

If you want to get ahead get a hat.
Enter a different World.
57 Varieties.
Prepare to want one.
Follow the bear.
It beats as it sweeps as it cleans.
You meet the nicest people in a Honda.

Mum’s gone to Iceland.
Life Changing.
It is. Are you?
It just feels right to hold the internet in your hands.
America’s favorite dessert.

Never knowingly undersold.
Random is the new order.
Player’s please.
No Nonsense.
Keep Walking.

They are good.
Snap! Crackle! Pop!
Snap! Crackle! Pop!
Unbridled spirit.
Finger lickin’ good.

America’s storyteller:
Take a bath in the dark night and let the water make-love-
to your skin.
Have you ever had a bad time in Levis?
Life’s Good.
Body Odour.
The totally tropical taste!

(The [Fifa] World Cup) Its where you want to be—Nissan

I am Canadian.
The last resort for fun.
Sofa King Low!
Perfect to you.

Fluent in finance.
Sheer driving pleasure.
We’ll take more care of you.
Better Sound Through Research.
Beyond Petroleum.
Was there a lion on your egg this morning?
Think what we can do for you;
Think different.


For Men.


by    Alessandro Mario Powell
[Inspired by The Hole: Consumer Culture, Vol 1, a graphic novel by Damian Duffy and John Jennings]



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