Point Clear

In Alabama I tell you that depth
is the apprehension of depth
& that everyone might just as well touch their phones
three times a minute as not
on the beach or the boardwalk
poolside or not

the luxury hotel on its tailored pathways
achieves total lucidity
I can believe I’m looking into the radiant face
of someone’s manifesto & it all feels
fresh like there’s not even a website yet
but then also my great-aunt wrote me a letter
about this particular duck pond in 1996
& rather than engage the continuum along which
conventional & deviant aesthetic positions
antagonize & infiltrate one another
I propose that moving back & forth perpetually
between any two poles is the same
as doing nothing

nothing is what happens in all my favorite films
the cinematography exudes despair
as a depth to be entered
& the actors just go to sleep
anyway who said they were actors?

I tell the class that Shia LaBeouf
is the forward edge of aesthetic thought today
& though I don’t mean it that
no one disputes it makes me
very hopeful about the future

it’s not beautiful at all to feel like the future has a face
worn & creased as though there were a blueprint
& an architect & a marketing team
& 32 residents already committed to build

it’s not beautiful at all to apprehend the future
as a place where anyone lives

I’d rather come breathless into it as into
desire moving beyond us both
that grows a skin around itself
when touched so as to feel
& the screen goes dark
so how come all this brightness?

America put your swimsuit on the jacuzzi’s open forever
it’s true I don’t live here
but you don’t live here either

++++++Andy Stallings


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